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Critamis Woods

Swift and Zane retreated safely into the clearing of the woods. Their hearts were beating fast after the suspense of the battle was intense.

"What exactly brought you to Bethrina's castle?" Zane asked Swift.

"Running away from her old boarding school," Swift answered. "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious," Zane said and then asked what her name is. "And I believe your name is Swift, correct?"

"Yes," Swift nodded. "Swift Vilunim."

"That's a fascinating name," Zane smiled with a clean white smile shining from the bright sun. "Hench that name matches how fast you can run at the speed of light."

"Thank you," Swift said with a nice gesture and shyly smiled.

As they eventually regained their breath and relaxed their bones, Swift sat down on the grass near a wooden log with her legs crossed indian style.

"Where do you suppose we could find these 'magical' thingamajig 'eggs'?" Swift asked Zane. The question she said sounded a little vague with the word "thingamajig" making a cameo appearance in her sentence. Zane understood what she meant.

"I believe Madimas, the wise old woman knows the whereabouts these Mysterical Eggs are," Zane answered.

"Madimas?" Swift tilted her head having a confused look on her face. "It has the word 'Mad' in her name like is she one angry woman or what?"

"Oh, Swift," Zane sighed. "Aren't you the cheeky one today?"

Swift giggled cutely like a little girl.

"Would this annoy you?" Swift changed the subject and began to puckle her cheeks making mouth noises.

Zane felt embarrassed. "That's not what I meant being 'cheeky' like puckle your cheeks!"

"Oh, you," Swift swayed her hand at him and smiled.

"Moving on," Zane changed the topic onto a serious one. "Madimas is a wise old woman who lives around near the dark depths of this forest."

"Almost around near us," Swift said getting the feeling that the task was going to be easy as a piece of cake and smirked. "Her crystal ball can tell us the locations of the Mysterical Eggs and collect them all so we can crack them to make magical scrambled eggs for breakfast."

"Yes, that is correct Swift--" But Zane was caught off guard with his words and jumped into a different conclusion. "I mean, huh?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing." Swift whistled sounding like a bird.

"Uh-huh," Zane replied sounding a little vague like if he was the man of few words.

They start their trek in the woods by following a path down to their destination of Madima's house. The woods have been quiet with only a few animal noises sounding off in the background like they were in a jungle. Swift pretended to act like she is not afraid of lions, tigers and bears but clung onto Zane's arm lightly without him noticing but he didn't seem bothered by her cowardly behavior and blushed away from her direction to hide his shy nature.

"Lions, tigers and bears, oh my..." Swift murmured to herself. "Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!" she repeated again as her voice became a little bit loud. "Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!"

Zane nudged her arm slightly telling her to calm her nerves before she could experience a trauma from the evil of the wilderness in wildlife.

The woods grew darker thanks to the canopy trees blocking out the sun's rays of light like an umbrella. The duo continued their venturing until they decided to make camp for the night to rest for the day out in another clearing that is situable for a camp-out.

"I'm so hungry I could eat a whole elephant," Swift patted her flat tummy feeling like she didn't have any food today.

"Good thing I stocked up on some food," Zane said pulling out some fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and water from his traveller's bag.

Swift examined the food. The only source of food in the vegetables she hates is broccoli meaning bitter tasting food don't appeal her appetite.

"I'll have a chicken and some fries to go with that," Swift joked with her tongue drooling.

"Fries don't exist around me," Zane told her as he grabbed an apple and bit really hard on the skin carefully without breaking his teeth. "I have only the necessities we can eat to promote our bodies to be healthy."

"Well, you don't have any bare necessities because you are not a bear, 'In Zane in the membrane'," Swift said making a mockery out of him.

"Yeah, very funny," Zane said continuing to munch and chew on the part of his apple noisly. "Maybe you could be a jungle girl one day in your underwear."

Swift stopped eating the chicken and gazed upon him with her face turning red in embarrassment. She could not believe what she just heard out of Zane's mouth.

"If I was Mowgli, you could see me running around in my bra and underwear and I'd slap you silly for that!" Swift blushed madly pretending like she's not cute.

"And a sexy one indeed," Zane stopped chewing and thought of how cute she is when she is embarrassed. "Did anyone ever tell you're kinda cute when you're embarrassed?"

Swift threw down her food, stood up, confronted him and decided to give him a quick physical smack on the cheek. Zane rubbed her cheek but still kept that smile on his face like it froze for a long time.

"And you fight very well, Swift," Zane smiled feeling no pain from her smack, got up and decided to gather up firewood to make warm fire.

"Squaw, get 'em firewood," Zane ordered Swift and pointed his finger to the other direction.

"Squaw must go get 'em firewood indeed," Swift replied hiding her angry face behind his back and headed off to the trees to find some parts of the woods littered with chunks of logs.

Night time fell and Zane had returned safe and sound with no harm of lions, tigers and bears carrying a load of firewood. He quickly set them down nearby a tree and built a fire. In order to make fire, Zane took out a stick bow from his traveller's bag and prepared to carve a fireboard into a v-shaped notch and created a depression adjacent on the fireboard underneath the notch and used tinder. He sawed and sawed like he was cutting wood until he got the embers starting up as it evolved into a nice big warm fire with it crackling.

"Nice fire you made, Zane," Swift smiled and sat a little bit far away from the fire. "In fact I wish we could roast some marshmallows and eat them."

Zane sat a little bit far from the fire like Swift did to avoid being burned.

"Marshmallows don't exist either," Zane reminded her. "Same goes for campfire songs."

Swift pouted and crossed her arms looking like she is not amused.

"Gee, you're almost like a killjoy, In Zane in the membrane," Swift yawned with boredom tired of his "no sense of humor" attitude.

"That name game is starting to get annoying," Zane said feeling like he cannot take anymore of that childish nonsense. "I'd appreciate it if you call me by my real name like a lot of normal people do."

"Normal people *don't* have to be *that* serious," Swift said no longer having a smile on her face but scoffed and proceeded to head inside the tent. "I'll just turn in for the night and leave you out in the cold then, killjoy."

Now that Swift is inside the tent, Zane is the only remaining person outside enjoying the fire. He sighed with a little bit of sadness inside.

"She hates me," Zane whispered to himself quietly to make sure she didn't hear him and decided to take out a warm mummy sleeping bag from his traveller's bag, lied down and wrapped himself in it and stood awake for a little bit.

"All I want to do is keep her company just so she doesn't turn me away," he said to himself and finally drifted to sleep as the fire continued crackling for a few hours until the logs were all incinerated into ashes.
Chapter 6: Getting to Know Each Other

After escaping from Bethrina's castle, Swift and Zane planned to meet an elderly wise woman who goes by the name, Madimas. Their first night on their first camp-out did not go friendly with their disagreements.

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Ch. 9 - Coming soon to a reader near you

Swift Vilunim and Zane Borthimar (c) Me

Closing A/N notes:
If there's anything for me to change, I will take it in consideration and make modifications to any phrase and sentences. :iconoptimisticplz:
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