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Title: We Are Inseparable
By: Starlight-Arkaman

On a fine perfect day, Cecily, the brunette cutie was hungry. Her tummy made a low growl indicating her to have something inside her or else it will be grumpy all day. Cecily giggled, rubbed and patted her flat tummy.

"My belly is hungry," Cecily smiled as she walked into her kitchen. "I must feed my belly something good."

Cecily felt lazy about cooking manually. Instead, she pulled out a feeder machine hidden in her closet and plugged it in.

"Let's get this filling on the road!" she cried and inserted the hose into her mouth and sat on a delicate wooden chair.

She turned on the feeding machine as the motor made some loud whirring noises of sending the food from the tank to her belly. The processed food flowed right into her belly as her belly expanded larger in result of her dress stretching out. Cecily closed her eyes and clapped like a little kid as her body continued to grow enormously. By then, she eventually broke the poor little wooden chair thanks to her massive weight making her feel sorry for the chair but continued on with the feeding. Finally, as soon as she is done and full, she turned off the machine and sighed peacefully feeling full.

"Being fat and happy is what I live for," Cecily giggled and rubbed her belly gently. "What if Hunter sees me like this? She added as she made a plan to visit Hunter today.

She got up and waddled to the door and opened with her flabby fat hand. The minute she walked through the doorway, she got stuck. She wiggled until she was able to break free causing a few cracks to show up on each side.

"I'll just a get a new door later," Cecily giggled and patted her giant fat belly.

She looked down at her belly and decided to talk to it.

"Mr. Belly?" Cecily looked down at her huge tummy. "Are you hungry for some more?" she asked. "Let's go to Hunter's house and see if he has anything," she finished her quote and patted her belly again.

Cecily walked around each district of the town looking for Hunter's house. Every townsfolk were outside talking or shopping to fulfill their necessities but halted their plans as they feared about Cecily being the height of King Kong. One villager pointed his finger up at Cecily and made a joke about her height and weight.

"Hey, everybody run for the hills!" The villager man said out loud in front of everyone including Cecily. "It's Fatzilla!"

Cecily giggled and peered down at the villager. She looked at him straight in the eyes and told him, "You think joking about a fat girl makes you a better person huh?" she grinned evilly and yelled very loud in his face. "Well, I am going to keep you inside my belly as a prison cage for you if you make another joke about me!"

"I-I'm sorry!" The villager man said and ran off scared that he has a life instead of meeting his own fate. Cecily giggled and rubbed her belly smoothly.

"Now off to Hunter's house," Cecily giggled again and walked towards his house.

She reached Hunter's house, groomed herself and knocked on the door gently. Hunter got up from his couch and answered the door. Upon opening the door, Hunter could only see Cecily's giant fat belly covering up the doorway.

"Whoa!" Hunter jumped up in astonishment and looked up to her. "What happened to you, Cecily?"

"I was *so* hungry," Cecily giggled and managed to fit through Hunter's door just fine without any hassles unlike before.

"Everything about you is cute and beautiful," Hunter smirked and looked at her belly giving him the urge to rub and kiss her belly. He fell in love with her new weight instantly.

"What do you want to do today?" Cecily asked as she sat down on the floor causing a minor quake due to her heavyweight and Hunter reacted to the quake by jumping and falling down on his behind.

"I could give you a nice belly rub," Hunter suggested.

"That will be splendid," Cecily said giggling and blushing.

Hunter got up and advanced to her. He caressed her belly gingerly and smiled at her and then kissed her belly just to make her giggle and blush again. As time progressed, he concluded the rubbing marathon by giving her belly another kiss.

"Thank you, my valor knight," Cecily smiled and blushed at him and lied down on her back. She patted her belly for Hunter to climb up on and told him he can relax on her belly. Hunter accepted the offer, climbed up to her belly and made himself a home.

With nothing else to do besides being lazy, the pair decided that having a nice long nap is good to ease off in the afternoon. Cecily yawned and rubbed her large belly with Hunter laying on top and wrapped her flabby arms around him like if she is going to keep him warm during cold weather. Hunter snuggled into her flabby arms, turned around and laid flat on his stomach touching Cecily's fat belly. She pulled him closer, kissed him on the head and drifted off to sleep.

When night time came, both Hunter and Cecily were still sleeping until her belly made a loud growl waking Hunter up.

"W-W-What was that, Cecily?" Hunter sat up on her belly asking.

"My tummy rumble," Cecily giggled. "I must have one more item inside my belly before I head back home…" she added while feeling hungry again.

That second comment made Hunter wondering what she will have for her night time snack. Will she probably have some milk and cookies or eat up her lover boy? Hunter had the courage to ask what she is going to have for a quick snack. Cecily grinned at him and silently said…

"You," she said cryptically. "I want you…"

Hunter made a sweat drop on his head, jumped off her belly and ran off at the speed of light. Cecily got up and chased him around with her mouth out in the open.

"Come back here, food!" Cecily laughed while chasing him.

Hunter hid in a closet to stay clear from her. She looked all around the entire house by saying, "Where is my lover boy?" she sung in a Snow White voice. "Come out, come out wherever you are."

With no luck of being found, Hunter sighed in relief. But he is discovered instantly as Cecily popped open the closet door grinning at him

"Hiding from me?" Cecily said freezing her grin. "You're on my menu!"

Hunter managed to run away from her before she could grab and eat him. He ran all around the house trying to keep his distance from her but she was nowhere to be found. Outrunning a fat girl was unexpected for him as it was the first time Cecily would do something crazy like that. He swiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed in relief as he took a few steps back but felt something soft and fabric behind him and turned around. It was nobody other than Cecily… Again!

"Did you manage to outrun me?" Cecily giggled and smiled at him. "I'm impressed."

The only thing Hunter could say without trying to yelp is, "And how did you find me?"

"Common knowledge," Cecily giggled again and got onto the serious part by grabbing him with her giant hand and laughed evilly.

"You smell quite delicious," she added and carried him over her mouth.

"No!" Hunter screamed.

"Get in my belly!" she shouted and dropped him right into her mouth. She closed her mouth and gulped to send him down through the esophagus. Her belly became larger as Hunter is now trapped inside her.

"You taste very good!" Cecily laughed while slapping her large tummy and emitting a cute burp. "Now we are inseparable," she added to make sure she never lets him go.

She made her way out by exiting Hunter's door and waddling back to her house rubbing and patting her tummy along the way to keep Hunter very well contained between her stomach walls. Before going to bed, she put on a cute night gown just to fit her despite her belly being extremely big and climbed into bed crushing the supporters of her bed from her heavyweight.

"Goodnight, my brave valor knight." Cecily said to Hunter inside her belly while rubbing and patting her belly and fell fast asleep with her blanket almost covering her entire body.

The End

We Are Inseparable - Vore Story by Hunter-Arkaman

/ / / / / ©2012-2016 Hunter-Arkaman
My very first story that contains vore. :giggle:

This story contains vore. If this offends you, please look away if you don't want Cecily to eat you. Or if you love this, I am glad. :aww:

In this story, Cecily ate too many food and decided to visit Hunter for a wonderful surprise in store for him...

Enjoy this story, vore and weight gain fans! :D


Cecily ->

Hunter ->

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Liketheisland Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Professional Filmographer
...Might want to find some synonyms for "belly" there, brah.
Hunter-Arkaman Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I see.
I just love the word "belly" 'cause its kinda cute. :blushes:
Zane2976 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
me too!
Hunter-Arkaman Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You like the word as well?
Zane2976 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
yeah :)
Hunter-Arkaman Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Cool. ^-^
awesomenessbringdr Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
I forgot what vore was.
Then I read it
And now I remember
Hunter-Arkaman Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Like it?
awesomenessbringdr Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
...It was interesting...
And scary too.
But if it's your thing, good for you :D
Hunter-Arkaman Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks a bunch.
awesomenessbringdr Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
I hope that's a serious thx and not a sarcastic one. I didn't mean to be mean :C
Hunter-Arkaman Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
It's all cool. :3
awesomenessbringdr Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
:hug: ya, you like vore, I like......other stuff lol :D
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